D.Min / Ph.D

Further Information and Application


The D.Min/ Ph.D degree is offered  in partnership with ACTS Academy of Higher Education, which is affiliated and validated by the International Council for Higher Education (ICHE), Switzerland.  Other institutions presently offering ICHE degrees include:


·         Azusa Pacific University, California, USA

·         Bethany International University, Singapore

·         ACTS Academy/ William Cary University

·         South African Theological Seminary, Johannesburg

·         Nigeria Baptist Theological Seminary, Lagos, Nigeria, and others around the world


The D.Min/ Ph.D programme is specifically offered to those in Ministry for more than ten years; in pastoral or related ministries like youth, music, counseling, healing, care-giving and other ministries.


The entry requirement is a Diploma or Degree in Theology of equivalent. Those who require  theological bridging courses for entry into the programme will be offered special workshops  to run simultaneously at a minimal cost.

The duration of the D.Min/ Ph.D degree will be around three-years and delivered through seminar/workshop modules.  Each of the seminars will be presented in five days, four hours a day (flexible) on subjects of critical importance to ministry contexts. Each seminar will be hosted by a qualified and experienced scholar. A written paper should be submitted by each student after each seminar. To qualify for the award of a D.Min/ Ph.D degree, a final thesis of publishable quality should be submitted to the academic committee by each student at the end of the programme.


The focus will be "transformational theological leadership in today's world".  The following subjects will be covered:


  • Leadership and transformative mission (two evening)

  • Development of reading and writing skills; writing style, and time management

  • Research methods

  • Transformational theological leadership in a Global, Caribbean, and Cayman context.\